Setting new project on Firebase it is easy, same applies on Heroku, but it is important to keep your credentials on a secret place and avoid to be compromised.

It important that JSON file or JS object that you will issue from Firebase are kept outside your project folder and not being a part of a git repository.
*sending files within git, might get compromised if your repository becomes public or there is a breach on the git server

AppCenter and Azure DevOps

Most of the times we want to provide option to the client to be able to download and test the application before we submit it to the stores *it refers to mobile applications
Sometimes the initial development before an actual release version can take longer to be done, but that shouldn’t stop us from sending artifacts to the customers to test the applications while development.

At the moment both GooglePlay and AppStore are offering their individual services for testing, and when you work with Hybrid development it seems that it takes too much effort to publish version for testing purposes…

When you need to practice continuous deployment on a mini cloud with less or small effort — Heroku comes as handy platform to be used (+ it comes as free for many basic stuff).

So in this post you will have step by step instructions how to setup a the basics for a NodeJS project in less than 20 minutes.

Git repository

Heroku offers: two more basic integrations with Git (Heroku CLI and GitHub) and one a bit more advanced (Container Registry). Depends on your project you will choose the appropriate one. …

Dockers aren’t really a new thing around, but in many cases developers are spending time to create proper image or trying different Dockerfile configurations, or simply they don’t pay attention to re-usability and multi environment build.

Therefore I will try to explain step by step how to make reusable docker file where you can send different flags to get different angular builds.

*All mentioned files below, are into Angular project root folder


Intent of the result is to work with a standalone frontend , that will communicate with backend over API or similar.

*You might need to modify some…

Reducing API response size

We are all well familiar with the REST API(s) and using them on a daily basis for development of various applications.

Even so there are many different patterns of how the API response can be optimized by using various techniques, also server cache etc. in most of the cases we ignore the fact that we (developers) are the cause of big size of the data returned back, because of duplication.

In most of the cases we have following json (example) response:

where almost 50% of the size of the data returned is taken by the object keys.

There is simple…


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